ValueMe is proud partner of EU-NGI

EUACTIVE Horizon 2020 Program NGI


Imagine a world where all individuals have control over their personal data. 
No data lost or stolen, full control and ownership in the online spectrum. 
That’s a friendly & trustworthy system. 

ValueMe is creating this ecosystem. 
A C2B-principle (Consumer-to-Business), individuals in control, aiming at safer, relevant and more trustable 
online journeys & relationships.

ValueMe noticed; “current online activities are poisoned by advertising models creating waste, irrelevance, less trust”.

Founders Henri and Laurent Engel and their team conducted multiple studies, showing Advertisers spending more on online marketing budgets but see lower ROI and their “targets”, the consumers, see less relevant offers-advertisements or info.


Because the current model has turned the individual into a product. Advertisers shoot hail and consumers have no voice or option saying “Listen to me! This is who I am, this is what I like and need!” 

Advertisers, Publishers, Social Media: all search data for profiles, most often without knowledge or consent of the owner. Studies show more and more consumers consider this is as theft and disrespect.

But what’s the alternative?

180 degrees option ValueMe

Goal: A consumer-centric trusted and certified process for data ownership.

Establish online playing level-fields, being either fully open-or conditional, enabling online journeys for all saying: “I decide, .. because it’s All About Me”.
The ValueMe ecosystem is consumer-centric, giving every human being the possibility to share, own and control their personal data.

Key aspects

Owning: Data in ValueMe app is 100% individually owned. Ownership Proof by Data-Passport can be put in any conversation online.
Sharing and Controlling:
Option to capitalize data value by sharing with trusted 3rd parties-advertisers at registered personal terms.

EUACTiVe: Educate & Understand
Act, Control & Value – Our road to ownership for every EU citizen


Educate consumers about data & its value, help them to validate & secure their online personal data. This project will help consumers to know the value of their data and how they can get it registered and valuable in the vulnerable cyber world. The objective is to develop a DIY solution enabling to combine Real Life facts (& data) with everyone’s  Digital DataBody, thus achieving higher levels of privacy, relevance and validity in the Online world/economy. Simultaneously, in the same online spectrum, the consumer can switch 180 degrees having available and share a Personal (Digital) Data Passport with anyone, anytime securely.

The Data Passport will contain static and dynamic personal info, a portrait right section and will be a legal document. Next biometric info-data will be added to enhance the data passport towards SSID levels. It can be used to identify, show & prove data ownership as well as enhancing the consumers personal profile.

Outcome Human Centric, Human Value, Tangible, Trust & Trusted Relations(hips). 

ValueMe will present its market test results in Q1 – 2021